Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our World Tuesday - Pioneer Plaza in downtown Dallas


I am in Dallas the first part of this week on a cattle drive in Pioneer Plaza downtown. Get along you bony ,skinny, long-horned cows.


Look at those ribs.


Is this the Rio Grande? I don't know but that is my hotel in the background. Very high tech and green. That is a code word for they don't want to change out your towels. That is the type service you get for a couple hundred bucks a night. They also turn off the power to your room when you leave your room. It makes it kind of hard to charge up a depleted cell phone. Besides that why do they call it green when it is blue? I'm just behind the times I guess.


This guy tried to horn me! I'm calling him Wendy. We'll see who comes out on top of that.


And this my new friend. I call him "Touchdown Texas" cuz of his horns. Not that the actual University of Texas Longhorns scored very many touchdowns this past year. Just saying.

And hey, this installation has its own virtual geocache! Can't beat that can you?

Our World Tuesday

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday - What are you having for Easter Dinner next week edition



I found the remains of several rides from a carnival in a vacant lot in a residential area just south of downtown Tulsa. I have no idea what the story is but I doubt they will ever work again.

Signs of Spring


I love tulips and daffodils but to me Spring is when the redbuds bloom.

Last Thing You Bought


The world's greatest MIL, Nana, gave me a smoker for my birthday. Of course, I got to go pick it out, bring it home and put it together. I got to do that twice this year. The first smoker I brought home from Lowe's was all whopperjawed ( That's a technical term that us engineers use, especially us Okie engineers.) So I pissanted it back to Lowe's (another engineering term). Exchanged it for another one and pissanted it back home and put it together. Then I took the propane tank that I bought from Lowe's and find out that the valve stem was twisted off, so back to Lowe's and they gave me another tank. So I test fired it and burned off all the metal finishing chemicals (they stink big time.) I tell you what about Lowe's they may sell crappy merchandise, but they cheerfully exchange the shoddy stuff for good stuff with no hassle.

So now we are discussing what should I smoke for Easter next weekend.


Well, my suggestion wasn't well received so I guess we'll do chicken quarters. I love chicken quarters but you know, something else would have been good also. And seriously, I like Lowe's.



At Son's last Improv performance there were a couple segments with shadow puppets. I love shadow puppets. 

Four Things


I used this photograph recently but hey, I'm in dire need of a Four Things photo so here it is. We had a family and friends celebration last weekend in western Oklahoma where we celebrated three birthdays and a military promotion. So we had three cakes and a pie. Of course, I'm special since I get 59 days of birthday this year. 

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Downtown Tulsa Oktomat


This is from my second roll on my brand new Lomography Oktomat Camera. A plastic camera that has eight lens and shoots eight shots in about two seconds on a single 35 mm frame. I'm still working my way around the camera. The above shot is of the plaza of the office building where I work. They are busy with a construction project rebuilding the plaza. I just love construction sites.


I like this skyline shot as well. I've noticed that the clearest sharpest picture is generally the upper left and the most faded out blurry pic is on the lower right side. I have a feeling that that is just the way it is. Part of the appeal of Lomography to me is that you there are very few adjustments to the cameras. They are literally point and shoot.


What can I say, I love arches. There is something almost spiritual and inviting about them. They are like beckoning to a quiet sacred place.


I love the stacked domino appearance of this shot of Tulsa's Petroleum Club Building. I also like how the color changes noticeably from frame to frame. I guess that I'm easy to entertain.

I'm still learning what kind of pictures are suited to this camera. The failure rate is high.

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