Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The (Hot) People of Geocaching

I have a geocache hid near downtown called "Boys Night Out - Downtown" last September I put a recyclable camera in it and asked finders to take a picture of themselves and put it back in the cache and let me know when it is full. So I got the word finally that it was full, so I  retrieved it and got the camera developed. So here are the highlights. 


As you can see geoachers are very attractive, look at this group above. So who says geocachers are nerds?


Geocachers are fun also. These guys look they are headed out on a beer run.


The girls smile better than the guys is what I say.


Well some guys smile pretty well.


As you can see finding geocaches is fun.


Are you still doubting me, geocachers are hot is what I say.


My advice to the lovelorn is to forget hanging around Sunday School Singles groups and museums and such. Go get yourself a GPS receiver and go walking around the woods. Who knows who might run into?


This couple met at the cache, maybe. They seem to be getting along great. This could be you.

Earth Day 2014


You know I'm an urban person. I live in the city and work downtown in a high rise. I go to meetings, I do email and call people and IM them. I go and visit customers and all the rest. And I really do love it.


I like the urban recreation also, movies, shopping, reading, watching televsion and facebooking. We go to concerts and musicals and to the museum once in a while. I like that though. I'm a Forest Ranger's kid and lived way back in the sticks for much of my life but I always knew that I was going to live in a city.

Fiery Sunset over Turkey Mountain

Every once in a while though I have to get outside and get away from everybody. I mean everybody. Not be on a schedule, not answer emails.

#spooky Turkey Mountain #trails #tulsa #running

I like to go down familiar trails and unfamiliar trails. I have to breathe a while.


And see the sights


And make new friends.


And when I come across somebody else's dumped trash out in the middle of my woods.

#aftermyrun #selfie #notflatteringatall

It makes me really cranky

Earth Day 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Easter Drill 2014

Home from Easter church service, but before we change and get out of our clothes and run and around to pick up the house and cook Easter lunch lets take a few pics. It's a time honored tradition!

Ready, lets go!


Yeah, well that's okay. Something is wrong with the camera lens that expands everything at my waist. So lets fix that.


Hmm, that's better but I cut the top of my head off. Big loss there right? I'm calling it good.


Okay, lets pick up the critters. From left to right meet Rascal, Ginger, and Abby. Okay, one is enough of this.


Finally a decent shot!


Yep, he is taller than me. But I'm meaner.


Aw, my main squeeze. Isn't she beautiful!


She said, get out of the picture Jack. I said my name wasn't Jack. She said she didn't care just get her Rascal. So here they are. I had to overexpose it a little bit cuz otherwise he is a black blob. 

I hope that you all are having as much fun on Easter as we are.

Easter - It's All About the Cross

Far Western Oklahoma Crosses, illuminated at night by battery powered lights charged with a solar panel.

The removable cross at the church we were attending last year.

Giant Cross looming over Interstate 35 north of Oklahoma City

Old Cemetery, Washita County, Oklahoma

Happy Easter Everybody


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